Get tech training, career counseling and job placement assistance.

Here's How It Works

apply for tech training


If you are a Delaware resident 18 years or older interested in pursuing a career in technology, complete our form. No previous experience is needed.
qualify for tech training


A Tech Hire Delaware coordinator will schedule a one-on-one screening call to identify the best training program for you and help you apply.
learn your tech trade


We partner with Delaware's leading tech educators, many of which offer low or no-cost training (based on eligibility) in several fields including database management, networking, security, and programming.
secure a tech career


Our mentors provide career counseling services to help you with interview skills, resume writing, and workplace etiquette practices. We'll also connect you with employers once your training is complete.
Technology Training in Delaware

Filling Delaware's Tech Talent Pipeline

There is a demand for skilled technology professionals in Delaware. To meet this demand, a variety of training programs are available and many are provided with no previous experience required and often at low or no cost.