Building A Diverse Technology Workforce

There is a demand for skilled technology professionals in Delaware, with the most in-demand skills being in software development (coding), data management/analytics, cloud/networking, cybersecurity, and technical support. Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to learn new tech skills, and that means that more people, from all walks of life, are pursuing training with the hopes of a great career in technology waiting for them on the other side.

Tech Hire Delaware, a workforce intermediary service delivered by Tech Impact, that aims to make it easier for all people to launch a career in tech by aligning them with technology training, certification programs and apprenticeships.

While in training, participants receive professional development training to help with interviewing skills, resume building and workplace etiquette. Once training is complete, Tech Hire Delaware will work to connect candidates with employers seeking tech talent.

This is a long-term approach to cultivating a diverse, skilled workforce in our state. Modern and accessible methods of education are key to building a strong, skilled, and diverse talent pool, and the creation of an Industry Council is in place to steer this long-term initiative.