Find Tech Talent and Diversify Your Workforce

We are recruiting hundreds of individuals into top-notch technology certificate and training programs and helping them build soft skills while they learn their new trade. Graduates from all walks of life emerge from these stellar training programs ready to join your team.

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Tech Hire Delaware has partnered with a national apprenticeship intermediary, Apprenti, to connect you with diverse and qualified Apprentice candidates with the goal of helping employers to retain apprentices to full-time employees.  This continuous learning model helps apprentices skill up over time and meet the benchmarks that employers need. Beginning with 10-19 weeks of technical training, apprentices gain skills and certifications needed to succeed before moving into one year of on-the-job training with their new employer. Apprentice occupations include IT Support Professional, Software Developer/Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, IT Business Analyst, and more Click here for more information.

Stats and Program Info

Demographic overview of students

  • Ages: 20-66
  • Gender:  Male-59% Female 41%
  • 50%+ identify as people of color
  • Previous Education: High school to Masters Degree

Dozens of Local and Regional Hiring Partners

Top Earned Tech Certifications of our Graduates

  • A+
  • Net+
  • Sect+
  • ITF+
  • ITIL
  • JAVA

Top Starting Positions for our Graduates:

  • Field Technician
  • Help Desk Support
  • Junior Software Developer
  • IT Support Associate II
  • Software Engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Wealth Platform Developer
  • Apprentice Roles include: Cyber Security Analyst, IT Support Professional, and Business Analyst